MET Stradivarius bike helmet

A light and stylish lid, but try before you buy as sizing comes up on the small size

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

This is the third-generation Stradivarius, and despite the 245g being over the claimed weight (215g) it’s a significant reduction on previous incarnations. It’s kept its looks though, and with its distinctive curves scores highly for style.  


The cradle delivers a full range of adjustment, but overall sizing does come up a little on the small side. Rather than using traditional foam-style pads, MET have opted for soft rubber ones. These work brilliantly, feel good against your head and, best of all, there’s no cold sweat torrent when you put the helmet back on after a coffee stop. A couple on the rear support wouldn’t go amiss, though.

Straps are usually much of a muchness, but in their quest for weight loss Met have gone for a lighter material that also feels really good next to your face. With the cooling effect of the 22 vents, the riding experience is extremely pleasant and close to that no-helmet sensation.


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