MET Sine Thesis

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

After two years in the making, MET has finally given us the Sine Thesis. And the lengthy development process has paid dividends – to a degree, anyway.


Key to its innovation is the Integrated Composite Exoskeleton (ICE), which creates enhanced ventilation and airflow, even at low speeds, and ensures safety is far above the industry standard. What’s more, there‘s a hypoallergenic and thermo-stabilising gel strip across the forehead that channels the sweat away from your eyes. It’s also a stealth-looking beast that really looks the part.

Where the Thesis drops a couple marks is down to two key reasons. One: the astronomic price. Two: the size adjustment ratchet, which is a bit flimsy for our liking. Its high-sitting shape also felt a touch odd, though you soon get used to it. That said, we’d recommend it on the ventilation capabilities and comfort alone.


Contact : Fisher 01727 798345