LAS Kripton

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

We got a bit of a shock when we price-checked the LAS because it looked and performed like a much cheaper pot. For a start the large, 260g, one-size-fits-all shell didn’t fit anyone very well at all.


There was sideways rock on smaller heads and a really perched feel on larger lumps. Cranking up the cheap-feeling cradle adjuster secures it, but only by putting a lot of pressure on the front and back of your skull.

Those sporting facial foliage will appreciate the beard guard, but the single-piece Veltec pad sheet immediately reduces what direct ?ventilation there might be from the 20 small vents.

Once the whole skullcap-style sheet is sweaty, it does wick and dry outwards to regulate temperature slightly, and is antibacterially impregnated to reduce stink and post-ride pimples.

The LAS scores with the 70% wrap-under hard shell, optional peak, decent weight and no vision intrusion, but it’s still a poor performance for £65.


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