Catlike Neon

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

One of the cheapest helmets we’ve tested, the Neon is also the most basic but, if £30 is your limit, it’s well-featured and, at just 254g, one of the lightest around.


There’s an optional clip-on visor that’s actually big enough to be useful, a retention cradle and decent-sized, mesh-protected front vents. However, while the front half is reasonably well vented, complete with internal channels to encourage air flow, the exhaust vents are tiny.

This means little through-flow and a rapidly roasting head. The wraparound brow pad tends to suck up and dribble sweat into your eyes, but the two minimalist crown strips at least leave maximum head area for radiating out heat.

While they look and feel super-basic, the straps and dial-adjust rear cradle actually do their job pretty well. The single-size shell starts to feel tight and perched on top if your melon is above medium size, though, and like many helmets at this price, the lack of hardshell on the underside leaves it vulnerable to damage.


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