XLab Delta 400 Gorilla XT bottle cage review

Can this banish the blight known as ‘bottle launch’? We find out…

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

The blight of saddle-mounted bottle cages is a phenomenon known as ‘bottle launch’. You hit a bump and your bottle is fired off the back of your bike like a cruise missile.


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To avoid that, XLab’s Delta 400 mount and Gorilla XT cage (combined weight 175g) have been made to be stiff. 

Almost too stiff, as getting a bottle out of it without swerving all over the place is nigh on impossible. And as for getting the bottle back in without taking your eyes off the road… well, good luck with that. 

Keeping tools and spares on it is fine since, on the occasions when you need them, you’ll be getting off the bike anyway. But you’re going to need a drink on all but the shortest rides, so you’ll want it somewhere that’s easy to access. 

This is better suited to carrying a back-up bottle rather than your main drink, but you can still expect a few hairy moments when you do eventually reach for it. 

Verdict: Useful for spares and a back-up, but not for your go-to drink, 62%


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