Walker Brothers Fleet 56mm Clinchers bike wheels review

Brilliant feel, roll beautifully and astoundingly good value

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

It’s easy to take the Walker Brothers Fleet Clinchers for granted. They weigh just 1.8kg (without tyres or a cassette), roll beautifully and barely bat an eyelid in crosswinds.


Were it not for the logos plastered around the rims, you could easily mistake them for Zipps, especially given their 27.2mm width, blunted trailing edge and brilliant feel. 

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But then you remember that a set of 404 clinchers costs £2,300 while these only set you back £835 and you realise what astoundingly good value they represent.

Even at the ‘bargain’ £1,775 figure that the 404s sell for on a certain well-known online retailer’s site, the Fleet 56mm Clinchers still come in at less than half the price. 

So the ride and the price is great; is there anything not to like? Well, despite their basalt coating, the braking’s about as good as you’d expect, which is to say it’s sketchy compared to alloy wheels; but it’s better than most other value carbon offerings nevertheless.

Verdict: As good as Zipps but half the price? Yes please!


Contact : www.walker-brothers.co.uk