Vision 3-Spoke bike wheels review

Vision’s 3-Spoke bike wheels tested and rated by our expert reviewer

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Vision 3-Spoke bike wheels review

Vision 3-Spoke bike wheels


Tri spoke wheels are a very specialised breed. In the right conditions they can be amazingly fast but when the wind picks up, the profile combined with the broad-bladed spokes can be a real pain to keep under control. And this wheelset from Vision is no different. 

On the flat on a still day they fly along, and the 2kg+ weight doesn’t hold them back. But venture out on a blustery day and you’re fighting the bike all the way. They only come as tubs, too, which makes sense given that a clincher version would add even more weight. 

Braking is perfectly acceptable, although not as positive as some of the other wheels here that have highly developed, specifically treated braking surfaces.

Ultimately, we think these are too specialist to be your only set of race wheels for racing in the UK. Conditions are just too variable over the year, and you might find yourself leaving these in the cupboard more often than not. Plus, at over three grand, they’re a huge spend.

Verdict: Fast but highly specialist wheels at a huge cost, 71%


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