Textreme Disc & Tri-Spoke race wheel review

Are these the ultimate race wheels and worth the massive price tag of £2,299.99 per wheel (yep thats right - near enough £4,600 for your bike) ? Jamie Wilkins takes them for a spin to find out

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Yes, that price is correct. Each wheel costs the same as a set of Zipp 808 NSWs – but then this is the bleeding edge of aero wheel tech, developed for top road race teams – primarily Sky – to use in time trials. Both the disc and tri-spoke are super-wide; we had to file down our brake pads to fit the tri-spoke even with the caliper at its widest, and the disc is lenticular (curved both sides) so it won’t fit all frames – Shimano has a list so check before buying.


Claimed weights are 1,050g for the disc and 765g for the 65mm-deep tri-spoke. Our test set came with tubs glued but our measured weights, minus the known weight of the tyre, worked out right. In short, these wheels are light for their type.

The ride is firm but not quite as unforgiving as others we’ve ridden and the lateral stiffness is excellent when cornering or accelerating out of the saddle. The front wheel moves in the wind more than an equivalent depth conventionally-spoked wheel – such as an Enve 6.7 – but you can trust it not to snap sideways on you, and we raced it on an exposed course on a gusty day with no worries.

Most importantly, these wheels are fast. We raced them on practice TT courses and consistently saw faster times than we’ve done on other high-end wheels and at similar power. If money is no object and you crave the ultimate wheelset, then this is it.

Verdict: A huge cost but with a mighty performance. If you have deep pockets, they’re definitely worth the spend 87%

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