Specialized Roval Echappe E5

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Specialized has a gift when it comes to making things look good, and has now applied its magic to this new interpretation of the Roval wheel brand. Specialized has also added its frame-proven E5 Metal Matrix material to the aero-section rims to create a tough hoop that can tackle the worst roads. Hidden-in-the-rim nipples for the bladed DT spokes increase the aero advantage but potentially hide corrosion, too.


Sixteen two-cross ‘DoubleDrive’ spokes and a nice deep-wall CNC driveside hub flange handle acceleration stress. They’re tightly laced to give a tight feel and, while they’re not particularly light for the price, they always feels responsive on the road.Metal caps over the bearings look slick and keep debris out. They also come with titanium QRs and a padded wheelbag.

Note of caution: our sample had a loose nipple or weld fragment rattling around somewhere in the rim, which raises quality questions.


Contact : Specialized UK 0208 391 3500 www.specialized.com