Shimano RS20

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

This 105 level set-up combines modern looks with traditional bearings for an eye-catching choice. The sidewall spoke insertions and paired lacing are gone; there’s still a 3mm asymmetric drilling offset to reduce dish, but otherwise it’s easily-tuneable business as usual.


And the tight and even lacing of the straight pull, butted and bladed spokes never twanged, pinged or showed any loss of tension. Add semi-aero 24mm rims and you get a decent compromise between acceleration, wind drag and comfort.

They’re not the lightest sub-£200 option, but we’ve seen them get hammered on cyclocross bikes without coming to any harm. The centres get Shimano’s ultra-proven labyrinth seals, protecting smooth, fully user-serviceable angular contact bearings. Add the smoothness of Shimano’s internal cam QR skewers and you’re sorted.


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