Schwalbe Ironman tyre

New rubber compound claimed to minimise rolling resistance


Long-established in both road racing and MTB, Schwalbe have now set their sights on triathlon with this, the new official tyre of Ironman. 


Available in three formats (folding, hand-sewn tubular and tubeless), the Ironman will benefit from a new compound called OneStar, which Schwalbe claim beats all their previous rubber mixes when it comes to minimising rolling resistance. 

With an aerodynamically optimal width of 22mm (which wind tunnel tests have suggested will save you a full three minutes if riding the 180km of an Ironman at an average speed of 40kmph), these tyres are designed to be both fast and, especially in the case of the tubeless, puncture-resistant.


Cost for a pair will be £47.99 from