Review: Reynolds 72/90 Aero race wheels

All the effort that has been put into these wheels has paid off. Simply excellent

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Reynolds 72/90 Aero race wheels

You can buy all the wheels in Reynolds’ aero range separately, which is why this set has a rather unusual price point. Design-wise, the first thing you notice is that these have a far sharper edge to the rim than most other wheels out there. 


What you can’t see is that the rim profile of both is subtly different, too, while the baby of the range, the aero 58, has a third different profile. Out on the road, these met our expectations and some. They’re just fast. But what impressed us most was the sure handling, even in poor conditions. 

They’re remarkably steady in the wind – you’ll still find yourself being blown around, purely because of the depth – but they’re predictable and you don’t end up riding along worrying that every gust is going to result in an impromptu meeting with the floor.

These prove that Reynolds really have propelled themselves into the top tier of wheel manufacturers and now genuinely compete with Zipp or Enve.

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