Review: Pro-Lite Vicenza C50T/C90T bike wheels

A great race wheel package that gives you aero-tuck confidence and doesn’t cost the earth

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

A deep-section race-day wheelset can easily set you back well over £2,000, so finding these tubs for under a grand looks like an attractive bargain.


They weigh 1,846g, which is creditably around 300g heavier than the twice-the-price Zipp 404/808 tubs combo. A 90mm rear paired with a 50mm front is a versatile combination, and even on a gusty day gives you aero-tuck confidence.

The rim profiles are simple but cut through the air well – our TT splits compared to a top-end wheelset certainly weren’t too far off the mark. The heavy grade Swedish steel spokes add weight but you won’t have any durability worries. 

The four Japanese EZO bearing hubs are smooth, and their ‘Hot Swap’ party trick means you can change them into a fixed gear wheel for the track. All the kit is supplied, along with wheel bags, spoke key, pads, spare spokes and nipples.

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