Profile Design TwentyFour bike wheels review

Fantastic price, and Profile are showing they can mix it with the big boys

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Profile Design TwentyFour wheels

Profile Design have completely overhauled their wheel range for 2014. The Altair models used to be top of the range, but have been superseded by TwentyFour, so called because all the wheels are 24mm wide at the braking surface. 


They have three depths available – 38mm, 58mm and 78mm – and for the test we got a 58 front and a 78 rear. They’re not the lightest considering the depth, coming in at 1,720g for the pair, but given how competitive the price is it’s hard to complain. 

Ride-wise Profile are proving that they can compete with the best. Acceleration isn’t amazing but they hold speed well and handle predictably, which is an absolute must. In good conditions, we’d be tempted to try out the full set of 78s. 

Overall, performance is far closer to the ‘big-name’ brands than the price gap would suggest. Plus, Profile offer a crash replacement policy, where you can get around 50% off a new pair should you hit the deck.


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