Kru Cycling C-88 deep-rim race wheels review

Do these new deep-rim race wheels from Kru deliver on speed?

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Credit: The Secret Studio

The C-88 clinchers from new Italian brand Kru instantly impress with their refined manufacturing, courtesy of a former Deda Elementi engineer. And, on the road, the C-88 didn’t disappoint.

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Race wheels: 4 things to consider before buying

The first feeling when riding is an incredibly fast pair of wheels. Our immediate reaction was actually to pull the brakes and slow down in order to get familiar with their ‘need for speed’. On hills, you feel the adequate 1.7kg weight of the wheelset but, when it’s about braking response, the C-88 perform in line – if not better – than other wheels of the same category. The rims of these clinchers are pretty wide and, in order to fit several forks, you’d need to widen up your brakes slightly.

The smartest part of the wheel is the hub, an idea that was awarded at the CosmoBike Show. How many times have you over-tightened your quick-release without knowing that the action negatively affects both rolling resistance and safety? KRU has solved this by developing an ‘Enhanced Bearing Performance’: the system doesn’t allow the skewer to tighten up too much and also protects the internal bearings that won’t need maintenance for a guaranteed 200,000km.

The second key feature is the carbon fibre used in construction. KRU uses a fibre with a higher thermal conductivity, which helps spread braking heat in the case of overheating.

Verdict: very fast and affordable wheels with an impressive hub 91%

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