Gipiemme Techno 020

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

This Gipiemme wheel is lighter and more aero than the company’s T-Due, but still didn’t particularly impress. (Also, while the wheel stated ‘024’, these are definitely ‘020s’.)


Like the T-Due, semi-aero 25mm rims give a pro look at pocket-money price, which the bladed spokes amplify. The weight and hefty rim clunks over rougher road sections, which means spokes, rider and pedalling rhythm all take a hammering.

Saying that, we did have more confidence in the even-spread spoke arrangement than the paired gig on the T-Due’s. Our set was also well-tensioned and creak-free.

Cartridge bearings are free spinning, but there’s a clear gap between them and the metal shroud that corrosive filth will make a bee-line for. The freehub, bearing-face, and cheap and very basic QR skewers were rusty before we even started using them, which doesn’t bode well.


Contact : Nemesis Active 0870 950 2150