Gipiemme T-Due

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

A very affordable set of wheels. The double-spoke set-up is eye-catching and the white painted rims with machined braking surfaces look plenty pro.


But don’t expect miracles: several makers have tried the paired-spoke design and most have quickly returned to conventional spoking. This set had really slack spoke tension throughout and creaked alarmingly as a result. Unbutted spokes also helped create a hefty 2.4kg-plus weight.

Cup and cone bearings mean you can self-service them to a happier state, but they felt stiff and rough from the start – not a good sign. There’s only a simple rubber cone cover over the bearings, too, so expect the lifespan to be more gerbil than tortoise.

Add very simple QR skewers and however cheap they are, we’d be very surprised if these were better than the wheels you’ve already got.


Contact : Nemesis Active 0870 950 2150