Fulcrum Racing Quattro CX

Supple, swift and smooth under braking. All in all, sublime...

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Durable enough for high mileage, deep enough for high speeds and sturdy enough to cope with cyclo-cross, the Quattro CX is Fulcrum’s all-purpose wheelset.


Double seals on the hub keep dirt and grime from attacking the bearings, while a 35mm deep (ish) aluminium rim keeps drag to a minimum.

The most impressive aspect of these wheels is that they feel so light for something this deep. Their profile does an excellent job of maintaining your momentum, but their 1,970g weight certainly makes picking it up feel easier than most wheels, especially those in the same price range.

Just as surprising as the weight is their ride quality. You’d expect wheels this deep to be harsh but the Quattro CXs offer an impressively civilised ride. And to top it all off, the braking capability they provide is second to none. They slow you down quickly and with full, judder-free control.


Contact : www.i-ride.co.uk