FSA TT Rear Disc Carbon

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Depending on which research you side with, aerodynamic components should either smooth out the air flow around them, or be as slim as possible so they slip through the air with minimum disturbance. FSA’s rear disc wheel, available for Shimano drive-trains and for tubular tyres only, definitely fits into the skinny category.


Its flat carbon-fibre sheet construction makes this wheel very stiff, so there’s no worry about losing power through material flex. Build quality is excellent, too; even the logos are top quality, look appealing and are thoughtfully placed.

At 1.33kg this wheel is on the heavy side. That said, this may not be a problem once you’re moving, as some theorists claim there is a ‘flywheel-effect’ advantage from a heavy disc wheel once it’s up to speed and going in a relatively straight line. And cycling speed merchants like track riders tend to opt for heavier ones anyway.

The FSA disc looks and feels fast, and it makes a competition-scaring rumble when being powered along the road. Lighter triathlete cyclists might want something a bit less beefy, as this wheel will be hard work on hills and when accelerating out of corners. But a powerful rider would find it suits them perfectly.


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