Easton Vista SL

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Easton’s second-tier aero set is impressively tough and versatile – if you like particularly stiff set-ups. With a mid-section 29.4mm aero rim, broad-body hubs and tight round spokes in a two-cross driveside/radial offside and front pattern, there’s no sign of deflection or drive loss however hard you kick.


They’re impressively light for a low-cost aero wheel, making accelerating and holding speed into the wind easy. Be prepared for some side gusting, though, and to take a battering from any broken roads. That said, we’ve heard great strength reports on the rims and the spokes are easy to replace.

The sealed bearings are buried under metal shrouds for impressive sealing (but pop them off regularly just to check nothing’s seeped inside). Also, steel freehub body and solid hub flanges should give good long-term, high-load strength for big or brutal riders.


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