Easton EA70

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

First impressions: the EA70s look great. It’s a positivity that remained on every ride…


The 26mm deep-section rim is pointed enough to add some aero edge, but still gives a competitive weight and a responsive feel that a lot of more expensive wheels would be happy to match. The machined braking surface also means good control even in the grimiest conditions.

Top-quality, double-butted Sapim spokes are in a thinner gauge and higher tension than most. Twenty-four front, 28 rear means plenty of stress spread, while driveside rear spokes use brass nipples to make them easier to keep in tension.

Other neat detailing such as stiffness-boosting, large diameter alloy axles and push on/pull off bearing caps make it a great wheel to ride. Initial bearing drag eases quickly, too, and you’ll soon learn to love the relatively rowdy freehub.


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