Easton Circuit

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Using a mid-depth rim and tight double-butted spokes with Easton’s patented T3 Twin Thread technology makes the Circuit a phenomenally stiff and strong wheelset.


They’re made for big riders and bad roads, and our experience doesn’t suggest any different. Despite the strength and stiffness they’re not harsh on rougher sections, and they feel impressively tight and responsive under power or through corners.

Smooth bearings hide under long metal shrouds, with a wear indicator groove on the rim and steel freehub body for longevity. The fat driveside flange for the direct threading spokes and laser-etched detailing all round add visual appeal to any bike.

Weak points? There was a notch on the rim joint on our sample and the freehub is Shimano only. The effect any road salt corrosion might have on the direct insert spokes is a worry, too.


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