Cole Trispoke

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

This new Trispoke from US-brand Cole is a real high-quality offering. It’s full carbon with a 58mm-deep rim, 64mm spoke profiles and a weight, on our test model at least, of 736g, which is reasonable for a wheel of this type. It runs on sealed bearings that are super-smooth out of the box – give the wheel a spin with your hand and it keeps turning for an eternity.


It’s out on the road where it counts, though, and that’s where the Trispoke proves its worth. It isn’t as stiff as many regular wheels and doesn’t accelerate as quickly, but once you’re up to speed on a flat or flatish-course, it slices through the air to save you vital seconds. Even by trispoke standards it’s fast and it retains speed well, even into a headwind.

Handling becomes difficult in a strong crosswind but no more so than any other trispoke we’ve ever used, while braking on the carbon brake track is good – a little grabby under prolonged heavy braking but reliable. Available in tubular set-up only.


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