Bontrager Classic

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Designed to take on the cobbled races of northern Europe, these retro-styled rollers are equally ready for your local council’s worst repairs. We’ve heard good reports from big riders who’ve absolutely hammered these wheels and ours remained true even after venturing off-road.


The slightly soft spoke tension takes plenty of sting out of rough sections, and the wide 22mm rim bulks up whatever tyre you fit for a more stable and less puncture prone ride, even at comfier lower pressures. Thirty-two conventionally laced spokes are easy to replace and the well-sealed bearings can be swapped out simply if winter does get to them. The Freehub is also replaceable and a steel axle will cope with the heaviest of riders.

Soft spokes and high weight do make them feel quite lethargic, though, and the Ghostbusters-style splurge of green grease ‘protecting’ the freehub turns into an evil ball of filth very quickly.


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