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Valve extender deals: 6 popular valve extensions

Valve extenders are crucial if you have deep section rims on your bike. Find the most popular ones here.

Two valve extenders and a core tool on a white background.

In the cycling world’s never-ending quest for better aerodynamics, more and more road bike manufacturers are choosing to fit wheels with high-profile rims (often referred to as deep section wheels). 


Although it’s possible to buy inner tubes with extra long valve stems, a lot of standard inner tubes don’t include valves of sufficient length to clear such rims and still allow for a pump to attach, hence the need for a valve extension.

Valve extenders are typically inexpensive but finding a reliable one is paramount if you want to avoid frustration when faced with a deflated tyre. 

Keep reading to find our pick of the most popular valve extenders out there.

Best valve extender deals on the market

Continental Valve Extension Kit

Specifically intended to fit Continental tyres, these valve extenders screw into the core of any of the brand’s Presta valves. You can also choose from a variety of lengths to best suit your current rims, as this pack in particular comes in sizes that include 30mm, 40mm and 60mm. 

This kit comes with two pieces and they’ve been built with durability in mind, made from a sturdy and durable aluminium alloy that the brand says will withstand your rides, even in tough conditions. The application is also said to be nice and simple.

Fouriers Tubeless Presta Valve Extender Kit 

This handy kit from Fouriers includes two black valve extenders and one red core tool to help you fit them with efficiency and accuracy.

They’re made from CNC aluminium, which should mean they have a durable quality that can be relied upon, and come with several lengths depending on what works for you and your bike, including 40mm and 60mm. 

A versatile option, these valve extenders can work on multiple bike types, whether you’re taking to the road or switching up your training with some trails on your mountain bike.

Halfords Metal Valve Tyre Extenders

If you’re after an affordable option, why not try Halfords’ popular 40mm valve extenders? They’re the cheapest ones on our list, and you’ll get four in the pack, each with an external thread for attaching accessories easily. 

LifeLine Valve Extensions for Non-Removable VC

These valve extenders are designed to fit Presta valves with non-removable cores. Ideal for tyres with particularly deep rims, they’re 60mm in length. Plus, the top of the valve is textured, so it should stay secure when the wheel is in motion. 

Road Bike Valve Extenders

Suitable for shallower wheel rims, these valve extenders from Decathlon measure 29mm in length. They’re compatible with Presta valves and are made with aluminium and rubber. 

Topeak Presta Valve Extender 


Fitted with an o-ring seal, these 60mm valve extenders from Topeak are designed to limit air leaks once you’ve inflated your tyres. You can use them with any Presta valve and they’re made from solid aluminium.