Airstreeem’s 2014 wheels

Carbon Aero 50 Superlights weigh in at just 1,220g


Austrian triathlon brand Airstreeem has launched its latest wheel range, with highlights including a superlight Carbon Aero wheelset, designed and built in-house.


The Carbon Aero Series includes the competition-ready Carbon Aero 50 Clincher, available in a range of bold colour themes including green, blue and red.

The Carbon Aero 50 Clinchers feature an asymmetrical rim design, nano-coated braking surface and extremely narrow spoke triangle for enhanced aerodynamics, stiffness and braking performance.

The Carbon Aero 50 Superlights offer all the benefits of the above but at a reduced weight of just 1,220g, and are the choice of ITU World Cup Athletes including David McNamee, picked earlier this week to represent Scotland at next year’s Commonwealth Games.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, Airstreeem is also offering an aluminium clincher series of four models, including the AL20 Black Edition which weighs in at 1,420g and offers exceptional stiffness, according to its makers.


Prices start at £499 for the AL 20 wheelsets and £1,399 for the Carbon Aero 50, and they are available now from