VisionTech VisionTech

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

Although VisionTech’s hybrid construction TriMax has an impressive pro win record, it’s low on adjustment. At 946g, it’s also high on weight for the cost, the excess weight coming from the alloy centre section, in particular the massive tapered teardrop clamp at the back of the in-built stem.


This allows a thin profile to the centre and a solid foundation for the pad clamps. By the time you’re at the tip of the thin wings, you don’t have to try hard to feel them flexing. At 420mm they give plenty of breathing space, and the curved horns provide a secure handhold.

Variable spacers and three different mounts give 3D adjustability of the wide, curved pads. You can’t adjust the reach of the glued-on extensions, though, and weight is high for a non-brake equipped bar, with the all-alloy version adding another 150g, albeit at half the price. 


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