Vision Carbon Clip-On

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

There’s certainly enough room to get really stretched on these shallow, S-bend Vision extensions. Unlike most bars it’s the back end that’s fixed, but they’re tide marked for symmetrical cutting if they’re too long, so that’s not a problem. Slots are provided for internal cable routing, though the blocked back end means they’re only undercover for 9cm.


The simple clamps mean a very low seat on the bars, and the armrests come with 12.5 and 25mm spacers to give some extra height adjustment if you want it. The tapered carbon fibre armrest plates have a nice low-slung, scooped position that cradles your arms well.

There’s no rotational adjustment on the extensions but the shallow bends mean it wouldn’t make much difference anyway.

Despite all the carbon fibre – which definitely adds to the overall cost of the bar – they’re no lighter than average (514g). Alloy versions are £15 less but only weigh 50g more.


Contact : Windwave 02392 521912