TorHans Aero 30

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Torhans has spent extensive time and money in the wind tunnel, and features such as the 72° rear trailing edge of the 887ml bottle that sits in line with most head tubes bears testament to this. Details like aero fairing for the straw is either impressive or excessive, depending on your take, but with Chrissie Wellington using the smaller Aero 20 during her record-breaking feats at Challenge Roth, it certainly doesn’t appear to slow riders down!


Our prototype came with zip-ties to secure the bottle to the mount but more versatile, reusable and adjustable Velcro straps will come with full production models. The dual level mount allows two bottle positions and the option to add the AeroTray to carry gels.

But on the road with the XFlow fill-on-the-go cap fitted, you can only at maximum half fill the bottle without risking a shower at any slight bump. Although the Aero 30 also comes with a solid cap, this is a significant flaw.


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