Topeak CO2-Bra Race Pod

Neat design and easy to use, but pay attention when you use it

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

There are many alternatives to the traditional bike pump, with mini-pumps proving a touch more practical attached to your steed, but even the best of them don’t quite cut it if you’re in a hurry – like, say, in a race.


That’s where gas pumps come in, and the Topeak Race Pod is a neat example of the breed. What’s more, it comes as a complete tube-swapping kit, including tyre levers and an extra gas canister that stows neatly onto a seatpost or on your top tube. The outfit needs setting up before use, but after that it’s simplicity itself.

Inflation is quick but you must hold the pump steady and straight onto the valve, not at an angle, while the gas rushes into the inner tube. However, don’t hold with bare hands as the canister gets freezing cold. The kit also comes with a nice neoprene cover to keep muck, water and grit off it. 


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