Time Xen E

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Very affordably priced compared to many pedals on the market, Time’s Xen E is a decent performer… despite initial impressions.


The basic design and cleat are exactly the same as the company’s RXS series, but with a white plastic resin body that reduces manufacturing costs. This feels and looks decidedly plasticky – especially after a few dirty rides or mauling with greasy paws – but it actually supports the three-bolt cleat securely and stably.

There’s a slightly softer (more Look-like) feel than the RXS Carbon, but engagement and release of the metal-on-metal engagement system are still sharp and positive. There’s plenty of nose rotation to keep your knees sweet, too, as well as adjustable release tension.

The cleats themselves mix a broad, plastic three-point support for surefooted walking, with a metal engagement block for excellent longevity. At 388g it’s pretty heavy, but you’d expect that for the price.


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