Syntace C2 XXS Tri

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Syntace kit is always among the lightest and these 318g shorty bars are no exception, making them an excellent minimalist competition set-up.


The single-piece extension curving into armrest ‘Bio wing’ design is simplicity itself, but means no length or rotational adjustability.

Pad adjustment is pretty limited, too, with only slotted slide outwards/inwards movement, but the low pads are comfy at a wide range of arm angles.

The pads themselves are pretty much our benchmark for long-haul comfort, giving welcome respite to some horribly rigid alloy bikes we’ve used before. If you’re prepared to put up with the fairly fixed position the dividend is an extremely low weight and solid feel.

The C2/C3 range comes in various shapes and lengths with a huge range of computer mount, tip bridge, Ti bolt and other accessory options.

There’s no internal cabling on this set-up, though, and you’ll need to use the supplied torque key to stop the ridged bar clamp damaging your bars. 


Contact : Italian Solutions 01695 581166