SRAM Force 22

Nothing second-tier about its performance

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Force 22

Last year’s Force was an excellent groupset and their latest offering brings more to the table than just the 11-speed upgrade.


The most noticeable difference is the trickle-down ‘Yaw’ technology from the Red front derailleur. The derailleur cage rotates as the chain moves to keep the distance/angle between the two constant, meaning there’s no need for any trim. It also comes with a chain spotter that, while not essential if you’re set up correctly, is a nice touch nonetheless.

Another way that Red has influenced this groupset is in the shifters. The brake levers are longer and the shift lever has a larger surface area, which makes getting to both levers from the drops much easier. Another useful touch is the individual reach adjustment, so you can change the starting position of both the brake and shift lever to suit your hands. 

In terms of 11-speed, the cassette now comes with a 16-speed cog, smoothing out the ratio in the mid-range. There are 11-25, 11-26 and 11-28 options, or 11-32 if you go for the Wi-Fli with the mid-cage rear derailleur. However, in our opinion, there are very few climbs in the UK that justify an 11-32!


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