Speedplay Light Action Cro-Mo

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Speedplay’s lollipop design reverses conventional cleat and pedal logic, but adds some unique advantages as well as some downsides. Once you’ve got used to the flat entry and slight twist, they engage easily, with the double-sided design a definite bonus.


The extremely low height means a really connected feel to the bike, and there’s a mass of cornering clearance for getting your pedal strokes in early on roundabout exits. There’s even a choice of black, blue, red, yellow and pink colours, as well as lighter stainless steel (£139.99) or ti axle (£199.99) versions.

The large amount (15°) of unsprung float takes a bit of getting used to, and release on these Light Action versions is probably too slack for sprinters,  but it’s super knee-friendly.

Smooth performance depends on very clean and well-lubed cleats, though (not always easy in the UK), and you’ll need to be careful of slipping on, or trashing floors in, the metal cleats. They weigh in at 338g.


Contact : Jim Walker 0870 752 8777 www.jimwalker.co.uk