Ritchey Streem-2 WCS

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Ritchey’s top-of-the-line components fall under the World Champion Series or ‘WCS’ logo. The Streem-2 is from the company’s road bike range, and weighs in at just 180g.


The design is very minimalist and initially feels very hard, as there’s little padding to speak of. In an upright road position the hardness of the Streem is not an issue but as you crouch low or lie out onto the tri-bars, the nose feels a little narrow and unforgiving. The design is very eye-catching, and in white it definitely looks the part. However, as with any white components, how long they stay looking good is debatable.

The rails are titanium but have no markings or scale on them for making adjustments to position, which is a touch irritating.


Contact : Paligap 0117 982 3673 www.ritcheylogic.com