Review: Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow bike saddle

Great saddle.

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow bike saddle

The Iron Tekno Flow looks like a slightly more extreme version of the ISM Adamo Racing saddle. It’s a little more pinched in than the ISM and the nose prongs are a little shorter, a little thinner and cut off a little more abruptly.


But despite the cosmetic differences, the two saddles perform the same task: pitching you further forward, with less pressure on your perineum. The Iron Tekno Flow does it very well and, thanks to its narrower nose, manages to provide a little more thigh clearance.

You get the sensation of sitting on a few small, carefully-positioned lumps rather than a full saddle. And, although it’s odd, it’s surprisingly comfortable and remains so throughout your ride.

The carbon body and rails help bring the weight down to 196g – and push the price up. But there’s a £130 titanium-railed version if you don’t want to spend 300 quid.

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