Intake Podium Ti

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

The Podium Ti from Intake is an attractive-looking racing saddle at a bargain price. With titanium rails it weighs in at 250g, which may not be the lightest on the racks, but at such a low price-point you can forgive it that extra little bit of mass.


Padding is firm but not too hard, and it proved comfortable both when sitting up in a road riding position, and when perched on the tri-bars. Adjustment markers on the rails are a welcome feature when you’re adjusting your riding position, and overall finishing quality was very good indeed for the price.

The covering is a synthetic fabric that appeared to be water-resistant and durable. However, as with any white saddle, it’s quite likely that it will look quite tired, quite quickly. It may not boast some of the fancy features of the more pricey saddles but anyone on a budget won’t go far wrong with the Podium Ti.


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