Review: Torhans VR aero bottle

One for the age-group elite where every second counts

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Torhans VR aero drinks bottle

If you’re a pupil at the Boardman School of Marginal Gains, pay attention please.


The Torhans VR’s sleek design signals its aerodynamic intent and, according to the literature (that we couldn’t verify without a wind-tunnel), it offers negative drag. The fact it features an airfoil design – a tried-and-tested aero approach that has such a slipstreaming impact the UCI cap tube ratio at 3:1 – suggests Torhans’ claims could stand up.

However, it was originally designed to fit Felt’s DA or B-series aero bikes so the jury remains out on other bikes. Fitting is simple and a 650ml bottle is ample for a shorter-distance race. It sits in its housing securely thanks to plastic knobs that release the bottle easily enough when you grab it.

A dotted line indicates where you could cut the bottle if you’d like to use it as a storage unit instead, while a plastic bite valve releases the liquid nicely. Useful for athletes who have every other parameter of gear and fitness nailed.

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