Review: Nathan AP Pro TT bike hydration system

A couple of issues but a certainly solid choice for long-course fuelling

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Despite its resemblance to a child’s bath time toy boat, this hydration system from Nathan has several performance plus-points.


Developed by Ironman fish Andy Potts, the 285g AP Pro doesn’t add a huge amount of weight to your bike, while the ratchet clip-on attachment system is a simple joy compared to some of the Velcro and allen key bolt festooned creations available. 

It’ll also fit a wide range of bar width and extension shape set-ups. On the bike it’s secure, with the bite valve drinking straw sitting in just the right place. 

The refilling aperture has a double rubber valve, but without the cover in place suffers a bit from road-bump splash. The cover is secured by a nylon strap, yet getting it back on is a little fiddly and not something you’d want to attempt at speed.

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