Profile T2+

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Profile has been synonymous with good tri-bars at great prices for years, and the 520g T2+ has some really nice features.


It comes as standard with long, shallow S-bend extensions that give an impressive range of hand positions. The open-backed clamp means you can easily adjust them to try different reaches and they’re slotted for internal cabling, too.

The huge potential for angle adjustment is particularly useful on the almost flat and easy-to-bounce-off F-19 arm pads. The deep padding is comfy, and we love the fact that they fix with wraparound Velcro straps, which avoids the inevitable ‘peel-off’ effect of normal direct attach pads.

Considering the extensions are mounted over the base bar, it’s a relatively low position. It comes with optional riser spacers to complement the extensive fore/aft, width and angle adjustment of these highly adaptable bars. 


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