Pro Synop Tri Draft

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

With its short, kinked horns and adjustable extension clamps, this 528g set-up is easy to keep inside of your brakes to please race officials.


But the multi-angle shape still gives a range of useful hand positions. The tips are bar-end shifter compatible but there are no slots for feeding cable inside so you’ll need to get your tape out.

The tall, above-bar clamps secure the extensions with a single, small grub screw, and after several rides it proved a lot more secure than it sounds. The whole set-up is very high, though, so they’ll only suit low-slung bikes.

Although the tacky rubber surface of the gel pads gives extra security for sweaty or rainy days, we did find the armrest shape extremely unforgiving.

You only need a slight misalignment and they’re really, really uncomfortable. Take Allen keys with you for readjustments on the first few rides and don’t put them on the day before a race. For a draft-legal set, they’re also very heavy.


Contact : Madison