Planet X Stealth

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Planet X’s draft-legal ‘shorty’ Stealth set-up comes with stumpy, S-bend extensions that swell from skinny at the clamp to fat at the ends. As with most shorty bars they’re not slotted for internal cable routing, but the clamp sections will take the full range of plug-in extensions designed for the Stealth bar if you want.


The pads are Lycra covered, which will help reduce sweating in the summer, and the angular carbon-fibre cup section cradles forearms fine. They’re adjustable for tilt and width and there’s even a small spacer you can remove to drop ride height slightly.

The clamping ‘pod’ is actually a carbon wrap over an alloy body and the reasonable, if not remarkable, weight (464g) reflects that. You can’t really expect full carbon for £70! You’ll have to trim the extensions if you want them shorter, which rules out temporary reach experiments, and the bar clamp only comes in an oversize 31.8mm type.


Contact : Planet X 07914354989