Oval Concepts A921 Jetstream

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The radical modular construction of the 924g Jetstream has both pros and cons. The base bar is innovative, using biplane wings to increase stiffness across the 400mm span. The small horns with built-in carbon brake levers also get a pommel-style pimple to stop your hands sliding forward.


Things get even more radical with the ‘tri bar’ part, for which OC claim a potential “241,920 incremental adjustments”. The conjuring trick is the single X-piece with the extension clamps and pad bridges at its tips.

While we didn’t attempt the exact number of variations, three width holes, five pad-mount points and a range of height-changing shims mean your arms can be put pretty much anywhere.

The alloy S-bend extensions can be rotated and adjusted for reach. Various shapes of carbon extensions are also available.


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