Oval A910 Exotic Aero

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Like most Swiss stuff, Oval bars are premium priced but then it’s some of the most versatile, best performing kit around.


These 328g A910 kinked extensions are slightly shorter than normal, which means you could run them as draft-legal or full aero. Alloy tips are ready for bar-end shifters, with a slot to tuck the cable inside and a neat ‘mousehole’ at the back for rattle-free exit.

With mounting slots across the width of the reversible, S-curved, carbon armrest plates, you can have almost any rotational/vertical angle or width set-up you could want. The pads are perfectly comfy, too, although the surface print does start to look scruffy quickly.

The clamps are really neat forged pieces, although the open clamp needs a bit more torque than most to hold firm. Separate 26mm or 31.8mm versions mean no shims to mess about with, though. The whole set-up is extremely light, which helps offset the extreme price. 


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