Outeredge Waterproof Pannier

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

At first glance the Outeredge seems a basic little brute, but look closer and you find it has some neat tricks up its sleeve.


It shares the same tough, waterproof PVC as the Carradice CarraDry on its front and back, while the plastic-coated fabric on the sides are similar to the AGU Yamaska 435.

The main compartment is one big 16-litre pit and instead of zips or drawstrings you get what seems like a crude closure system, but is actually a surprisingly effective clip-close, roll-down cover. That said, you could see it running into difficultly if you pack it right to the brim. On top is a clip flap for added shelter from the elements with a zipped mesh pocket for valuables on the underside.

It attaches to your rack with basic looking but surprisingly sturdy hooks and a vertically and horizontally adjustable crossbar. Getting it off, though, requires a bit of wrestling.

The price quoted is for a single pannier, rather than a pair.


Contact : Moore Large 01332 274228 www.moorelarge.co.uk