Nikola Zivo pedals First Look

Innovative units claim to shave 2mins off a 40km bike leg, thanks to greater comfort and power from 25mm of lateral motion


The brainchild of Ohio-based engineer Nick Stevovich, the USP of the Nikola pedal is that it moves 25mm laterally with the goal of improving comfort, efficiency and power.


The theory is that the side-to-side movement will mimic the motion of a speed skater, recruiting more muscles into the pedal motion.  

Early lab results are good, with a Cleveland State University study revealing that 70% of riders showed a 2% efficiency improvement and 7% more peak power, translating to a 2:15mins reduction over a 40km bike leg. 

It’s certainly a unique take on pedal design and one we’ll be putting to the test soon. More info from


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