HOY mini pump, bottle & carbon bottle cage – first look

Sir Chris’s new range of accessories bolsters British bike brand


Hoy bikes, the brainchild of multiple Olympic champ Sir Chris Hoy, have been working hard at creating a strong brand since their launch in 2012.


Part of that is their black, red and baby blue colour scheme, which now lends itself to a new range of accessories, including the eye-catching 25g carbon bottle cages.

There’s also a hi-pressure mini pump which purports to be able to inflate up to 120psi, although we’d imagine that’d take an awful lot of stamina.

And the 750ml water bottles, which have a leak-proof bite valve that’s designed to only release fluid when you squeeze the bottle.

Prices: £29 (mini pump), £5 (bottle), £34 (bottle cage) from www.evanscycles.com.


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