HED Aerobar

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Steve Hed is the Godfather of bicycle aerodynamics and his original aerobar is still a super-swift, innovative-looking design. The great price also helps but it certainly doesn’t look or ride cheap.


The unique double-bar stem clamp allows a really deep, flat wingspan. This makes it extremely aero and insanely stiff despite its shallow draught.

The small tapered horns mount crisply machined brake levers, which give a powerful feel. Grippy texturing on top and bottom means the small horns aren’t as terrifying on descents as we expected, either.

The extension clamps/armrest holders can be slid inwards or outwards, the carbon-fibre holders can be bolted in four different positions and riser kits are available.

One worry is that internally routed cables have to be sneaked out through the clamp slot, leaving little clamped area. But considering the pedigree, build quality, included brakes and overall performance, this 764g Hed comes highly recommended.


Contact : Hed Wheels 0114 262 1374 www.hedwheels.com