Flandria Bike Decals

A really nice way to put a finishing touch on your bike...


Flandria are a brand with a long history in cycling, making frames for the likes of Joop Zoetemelk, Sean Kelly and Roger De Vlaeminck amongst others.


While they still make their iconic red frames today, they’re also well known for making frame decals – specifically the ones you see on many pro bikes.

You can get them in a selection of different typefaces, and the flag of your choice and they come in sets of 4 (£8.00), 10 (£12.00) or 20 (£15.00). Although you’ll need to own a whole fleet of bikes to justify a pack of 20!

Application is very easy, you just have to clean the area the sticker’s going to be applied to (although for some of us getting the bike clean enough will be harder than for others!). Peel the backing tape off the sticker, press it onto the correct area, and then gently peel off the application tape, leaving only the decal. They’re surprisingly hardy, and the bond with the frame is very strong, so make sure you choose where you want to put it carefully!

While they won’t make you faster, they’re a pretty cool addition to your pride and joy and a really nice way to put a unique finishing touch on a bike.

Check them out at www.flandriabikes.com


Contact : www.flandriabikes.com