Falco tri-specific chainring – first look

Marginal gains for maximal athletes, promising multiple watt savings and zero chain drop

Falco tri-specific wide-narrow chainring – first look

On a mission to make your bike as aero as possible? Presenting the ‘world’s first tri-specific wide narrow single chainring’ – a mouthful granted, but Falco claims it’ll save 1.5-2.5 watts of effort depending on the conditions.


Now this may only equate to half a minute or so off an Ironman bike, but hey – marginal gains and all that. The makers also promise zero chain drop.

Falco claims the 54T ring allows a range of speed between 11.3mph~42.3mph (assuming cadence between 75rpm and 110rpm) when coupled with a 11-28 cassette.

The 147-gram ring is CNC’ed out of AL7075/T6 alloy, and is compatible with current Shimano type 4-arm 11 speed cranks as well as similarly based power meters such as the SRM 11sp 9000, but the rest of the drivetrain can be any Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo 11 speed system. 

Price is US$99 from www.falcobike.com, no word on UK availability as yet.


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